Spare the Air for Bucks 2014

skybus3During the summer months when heat combines with automobile exhaust to produce some of our worst air pollution in Placer County, reducing your vehicle trips by using a “clean air commute” option makes a lot of sense – and dollars, too.  Clean air commute or alternative transportation modes include:

  • carpooling
  • vanpooling
  • bicycling
  • walking
  • taking transit
  • telecommuting

Using a clean air commute option at least once during July and/or August makes you eligible to win monthly $25 gift cards of your choice and a $100 cash prize sponsored by the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA).

Approximately one in 10 participants will win each month!

The more often you use clean air commute modes, the more chances you have to win each month!

If you participate both months, you have a chance to win the grand prize of $250 cash!

Participate on a Spare the Air Day, and you will be entered into an additional special gift card drawing just for that day!

Sacramento Region Commuter ClubTo participate in the Spare the Air for Bucks program, register on the Sacramento Region Commuter Club website ( and begin logging your clean air commute trips for the month in the Trip Diary.

By registering for the Commuter Club, not only will you be able to participate in the Spare the Air for Bucks program, but you will also earn Commuter Club credits when you log your commute trips in the Trip Diary.  These credits are good for chances to win additional prizes during each month that you continue to log your commute trips throughout the year.

Please note:

  • Eligible participants must be employed in Placer County.
  • If you have previously registered for May is Bike Month, you will automatically be registered in the Sacramento Region Commuter Club website.
  • If your employer is located in an office complex or employment site with multiple tenants, please list the name and address of your office complex or employment site.  In Roseville, your employment site may already be listed in the drop down box on the registration form.
  • The Commuter Club Trip Diary will allow you to log your clean air commute trips as frequently as you would like, but no less than once every three weeks.
  • You can only enter information for the current week and the previous two weeks, so don’t wait until the end of the month to log your clean air commutes for the whole month.
  • Spare the Air for Bucks prize drawings will be held on or around the 8th of the following month, so clean air commute trips must be logged by the 8th of the following month to be eligible for each monthly prize drawing (example: July days of using a clean air commute option must be logged no later than August 8th).
  • Winners of the monthly drawings and special Spare the Air Day drawings will be selected at the end of each month. The grand prize drawing will be held in early September.

To help get the word out about the Spare the Air for Bucks program and to encourage others to use a clean air commute mode, we’ve provided a flyer that can be printed and displayed at your office or work site.

For questions, contact Scott Aaron at saaron [at] pctpa [dot] net or (530) 823-4029.