Placer County Regional Bikeway Plan Update


The Placer County Transportation Planning Agency is partnering with Placer County to update the 2002 Placer County Regional Bikeway Plan.

The goals of the PCTPA Regional Bikeway Plan update include:

  • Refresh the 2002 vision (goals and policies) for bikeways in the unincorporated areas of Placer County;
  • Identify gaps and develop a connected network of bikeways between the unincorporated and incorporated areas of the County;
  • Increase the safety and comfort of bicyclists riding in Placer County;
  • Incorporate active transportation elements into rural communities and along key cycling corridors;
  • Engage the community in developing the recommended network improvements; and
  • Develop a prioritized implementation plan of projects to compete for discretionary funding sources such as the Active Transportation Program.


Ultimately, the bikeway projects identified in the Regional Bikeway Plan update will:

  • Improve the connections and comfort of regional bikeways.
  • Provide safe, convenient, and effective access for bicyclists in Placer County.
  • Leverage the region’s scenic bikeways as a tourist destination and economic development opportunity

The Regional Bikeway Plan is also coordinating closely with the Placer County Parks and Trails Master Plan that is proposing its first ever master plan for bike paths and multi-use trails throughout the county. The two plans will interconnect on-road bikeways to regionally significant bike paths, and off-network trails.

Draft Final Placer County Regional Bikeway Plan

PCTPA and Placer County staff with the assistance of Kittelson & Associates, Inc. has prepared an update to the Placer County Regional Bikeway Plan.  The original plan was adopted in 2002. The Regional Bikeway Plan identifies the bikeway improvements proposed in the unincorporated areas of Placer County and integrates the planning efforts of the six incorporated cities to create a coordinated regional bikeway system.

The update focused on establishing public support for improving bikeways throughout the county by developing a connected and comfortable network based on the current best practices supporting travel between the unincorporated Placer County communities and incorporated cities, cycling within the unincorporated communities (e.g., Sheridan, Foresthill, Granite Bay) and enhancing the scenic bikeways as a tourist destination to foster economic development. The final report also highlights priority projects that are anticipated to score well in competitive grant programs.

The Draft Final Regional Bikeway Plan is available for review and the public comment period runs through June 22, 2018. The PDF is available for download. The Draft Final Report will be presented to the PCTPA Board of Directors at their June 27, 2018 meeting.

For more information, please contact Senior Planner Aaron Hoyt via email at or by phone at 530-823-4032.

Draft Recommended Bikeway Network

Placer County boasts some of the most scenic bikeways throughout the foothills and high country that attract cycling clubs and major events such as the Amgen Tour of California. Additionally, Placer County is home to several unincorporated communities that serve a broader range of cyclists for recreational and utilitarian trips. With these differences in mind, staff and the consultants have been working to define a recommended bikeway network that the adequately addresses the distinct yet differing needs of cyclists in Sheridan than those on a narrow rural roadway.

The recommended bikeway network is a collection of improvements stemming from the public comments received, recently updated community and specific plans, and a needs and demand analysis that considered access to schools, park and open space, regionally significant trails, transit access, and known issue areas. The recommended network features a bikeway typology that gradually increases the separation between the cyclist and vehicles as roadway traffic and/or speeds increase. For example, a signed bike route (e.g., share the road) may be a commonplace on low volume rural roads, but a wider shoulder or even an uphill climbing lane might be more appropriate where traffic speeds or terrain dictate. As bikeways transition to a more suburban setting, a dedicated bike lane would be common.

The draft Recommended Bikeway Network Maps are available for download. Additionally, PCTPA staff presented the draft Recommended Bikeway Network to the PCTPA Board of Directors on April 11, 2018. The input received from the Board of Director, Municipal Advisory Committees (MAC), Bikeway Steering Committee, and public will be considered and revisions to the draft Recommended Bikeway Network will be made as appropriate. Download a copy of the presentation here or watch the presentation to the Board of Directors on our YouTube channel.

Community Engagement

The Regional Bikeway Plan update launched its public outreach plan in June 2017 through a virtual workshop. The vitural workshop contained a seven question survey and an interactive webmap allowing participants to “drop a pin” on a location and leave comment. Over 600 comments on the existing bikeway network, issue areas, desired future improvements and connections to other bikeways were recieved. Download a copy of the information flyer here.

PCTPA staff presented a summary of the outreach efforts to the PCTPA Board of Directors on June, 28 2017. Download a copy of the presentation here.



PCTPA began working on the plan update in January 2017. A draft plan will be completed and ready for public review in Spring 2018.