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The Placer Parkway is to be an approximate 15-mile long, high-speed transportation facility, which will connect State Route (SR) 65 in western Placer County to SR 70/99 in south Sutter County. It will link existing and planned development near some of the region’s fastest growing communities while improving access to the I-5 corridor, downtown Sacramento, and the Sacramento International Airport.

Placer Parkway Study Area

The concept for the Placer Parkway is over a decade old. Placer County’s 1994 General Plan depicts a ‘plan line’ for it. The following planning studies helped to refine the concept:

2000 Placer Parkway Interconnect Study/Conceptual Plan (Concept Plan)
2001 Project Study Report (PSR)

These documents outline goals, policies, and implementation mechanisms; identify conceptual alignments to help gauge costs for future environmental and engineering studies; and explore funding strategies.

The Project – Corridor Preservation
The objective of the Placer Parkway Corridor Preservation project is to identify and preserve an approximate 15-mile long, 500’- to 1,000’-wide corridor between SR 65 and SR 70/99. The corridor width will vary among three segments:

  • Western Segment extends from SR 70/99 to Pleasant Grove Road (in Sutter County)
  • Central Segment extends from Pleasant Grove Road to approximately 2,300 feet north of Pleasant Grove Creek (in Placer County)
  • Eastern Segment extends from approximately 2,300 feet north of Pleasant Grove Creek to SR 65

There are two phases to the corridor preservation project:

Corridor acquisition can begin only after the Tier 1 EIS/EIR is completed.

Problem (Need): Planning studies to refine the concept showed that the Placer Parkway is needed to respond to greater travel demand and congestion related to planned population and jobs growth as well as to improve goods movement.

The project vicinity is near some of the fastest growing communities in the Sacramento region – Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville, and the Sunset Industrial Plan Area. A number of urban development projects in the vicinity have been recently approved and others are currently being considered. These community and specific plans would add significant amounts of new residential, commercial, industrial, and educational land uses. The high-technology industry in the SR 65 corridor, plus Sutter County’s Sutter Pointe Specific Plan will require dependable access to move high value/time critical freight to both the Sacramento international Airport and the Lincoln Regional Airport.

Solution (Purpose): The purpose of the Placer Parkway is to preserve a right-of-way, to respond to existing/anticipated travel demand and congestion, and to provide access to the regional transportation system for jobs growth.

Planned/proposed urban development in the project vicinity is accelerating. Opportunities for building a new connector may be lost unless action is taken to preserve right-of-way. The Parkway will reduce pressure on the existing transportation network and address anticipated future congestion on local roadways. It will improve travel time between the SR 65 corridor and SR 70/99. The Parkway will also improve regional access for project vicinity businesses.

For additional details, see ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW or
Purpose and Need Statement - Concurrence Version  (February 2005).

There is no design or construction work involved in this corridor preservation project. As funding becomes available, a project-level (Tier 2) environmental review will determine the specific footprint of the roadway within the selected corridor. Other transportation modes including bus rapid transit maybe developed in the Parkway corridor.

The future four-to six-lane roadway will have up to six interchanges:

  • SR 65 @ Whitney Rd.
  • Foothills Blvd
  • Fiddyment Rd.
  • One in Sutter County’s South Sutter Co. Specific Plan area
  • SR 70/99 (Sankey Rd.)

A seventh potential interchange could be located in the Parkway’s eastern segment. It could connect the Parkway with a possible extension off Watt Ave.  The possible extension and connection are not a part of this project.

In 2002, the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) began work on the project. PCTPA is the State-mandated regional transportation planning agency for Placer County (excluding the Lake Tahoe basin). PCTPA member jurisdictions consist of Placer County, Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln, Loomis, Rocklin, and Roseville.

PCTPA is carrying-out the work for the South Placer Regional Transportation Authority (SPRTA). SPRTA is a joint powers authority made up of Placer County, Lincoln, Rocklin, and Roseville. The Placer Parkway is one of several regional transportation projects being partially funded by SPRTA’s transportation impact fee program. PCTPA provides administrative, accounting, and staffing support for SPRTA. A Tier II Developer Impact Fee program (adopted by Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville and Placer County – effective May 27,2009) along with a proportional contribution from Sutter County, will fund the Placer Parkway. For more, see www.pctpa.net.

Coordination for the Placer Parkway Corridor Preservation project and its Tier 1 EIS/EIR is being carried out with a number of agencies, organizations, property owners, and interested individuals. Some of the agencies and organizations involved are:

See PUBLIC OUTREACH for more on coordination with community and special interest groups, property owners, and the general public.

PCTPA retained URS Corporation (URS) to help complete project work. The URS consultant team consists of the following primary firms:


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