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Public Outreach Month Technical Process

LEDPA Orientation –Congressman McClintock’sDistrict Director

Partially Revised Draft January 2009 Newsletter

Partially Revised Draft Notice of Availability


Strategy Session --Transportation Agencies - LEDPA Concurrence Dispute

Formal (Senior-LevelManagers) Elevation Meeting -- LEDPAConcurrence Dispute –San Francisco

Partially Revised DraftNotice of Completion (State Clearinghouse)

SPRTA Board Public Hearings to get comments on the Partially Revised Draft: Yuba City – February 23 Auburn – February 25

SPRTA Board Meeting - 1) Escalate LEDPA Concurrence Dispute and 2) Contact SACOG

  March Whitney Ranch/SR 65 Interchange PSR – Project Development Team Meeting

Whitney Ranch/SR 65 Interchange PSR Project Development Team Meeting

Conservation Framework Meeting with regulatory Agencies on access restriction options

Sutter Co. Implementation Meeting

Partially Revised Draft Comment Period extension closed May

Conference Call -LEDPA Concurrence Dispute -Ass't. Civil Works -HQ U.S. Army

Whitney Ranch/SR 65 Intercahnge PSRProject Development Team Meeting

Transportation Agencies’ Follow-up to Prel. Draft Alt. 5 LEDPA Options Conservation Framework Meeting #2


SACOG-U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Meeting

No Access Easement Info for Regulatory Agencies’ Review


Conservation Framework - Transportation Agencies Clarification

Conservation Framework - Corps, USFWS & USEPA Feedback

Conference Call - LEDPA Concurrence Dispute - Ass’t Civil Works – HQ U.S. Army

Conservation Framework - Transportation Agencies Clarification

SPRTA Board Meeting -- LEDPA Concurrence & Coordination
August Modified NEPA/404 Process Mtg. #20 – LEDPA & Mitigation Framework Concurrence

FHWA LEDPA & Mitigation Framework Concurrence Requests

Briefing Meeting – Modified NEPA/404, Final EIS/EIR Status, Draft Engineering Summary Report

SPRTA Board Meeting --
1) Concluding Tasks
2) Tier 2 Lead Agency
October USACOE & USEPA Concur – LEDPA & Mitigation Framework
November 2009 Newsletter - Legal Notices Published for December 3, 2009 SPRTA Board hearing
November Final Tier 1 EIS/EIR Release
  December SPRTA Board Meeting - Final Program EIR & Corridor Selection
  May FHWA ROD & Notice of Final Actions

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