I-80 Auxiliary Lanes

I-80 Aux Lanes-Logo Update croppedThe final environmental document for the I-80 Auxiliary Lanes project was approved in October 2016 and Caltrans has signed off on the proposed improvements. The project will construct a continuous 5th lane on westbound I-80 between Douglas Boulevard and Riverside Avenue, and an auxiliary lane on eastbound I-80 between SR 65 and Rocklin Road.

The final Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study, along with other project documents are available for download.

A public meeting for the draft environmental document for this project was held at the PCTPA Board Meeting on January 27, 2016 at the Placer County Community Development Resource Agency, 3091 County Center Drive, Auburn, CA. A Public Notice was published in the Auburn Journal, Roseville Press Tribune, and Placer Herald and is available for download.

The presentation from the PCTPA January 27, 2016 Board Meeting is also available for download.

A public meeting for the preferred alternative for this project was held at the PCTPA Board Meeting on April 27, 2016 at the Placer County Board of Supervisors Chambers, 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, CA. The presentation from the PCTPA April 27, 2016 Board meeting is available for download.


The project includes two locations on Interstate 80 (I-80):

  • Location 1: Eastbound from State Route 65 (SR 65) to Rocklin Road
  • Location 2: Westbound from Douglas Boulevard to Riverside Avenue

The proposed project would reduce congestion and improve safety on I-80. The proposed project would construct the following improvements:

  • An I-80 eastbound auxiliary lane is proposed to be constructed between the existing SR 65 eastbound on-ramp and the existing Rocklin Road eastbound off- ramp.
  • The existing I-80 eastbound one-lane off-ramp at Rocklin Road will be widened to a two-lane off-ramp. The two-lane off-ramp will transition into the existing three-lane portion of the off-ramp.
  • The existing 5th lane on I-80 westbound will extend past the existing Douglas Boulevard off-ramp through the Riverside Avenue interchange to the existing five lanes, creating a continuous five lanes on westbound I-80 from east of Douglas Boulevard to west of Riverside Avenue.
  • The existing I-80 westbound two-lane off-ramp at Douglas Boulevard will be converted to a one-lane off-ramp to provide space for the new 5th lane.

The video below shows Year 2020 conditions during the morning for the proposed 5th lane improvements and existing conditions for I-80 Westbound between Douglas Boulevard and Riverside Avenue (Location 2). The video begins at the Douglas Boulevard interchange and travels along westbound I-80 to the Riverside Avenue interchange.

The I-80 Auxiliary Lanes project improvements are estimated to cost $18 million. Both state and federal environmental approvals were received in October 2016. The next step is to move into the design phase before construction can begin. Both the design and construction phases are dependent on funding being available. The project environmental document, approved in October 2016, involved the following key steps:

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