State Route 65 Widening

The project proposes capacity and operational improvements on State Route 65 (SR 65) from north of Galleria Boulevard/Stanford Ranch Road to Lincoln Boulevard. The purpose of the SR 65 improvements is to reduce congestion, improve traffic operations, and enhance safety.  The freeway is experiencing operational problems caused by high peak period traffic volumes.  Vehicle hours of delay, average speeds, travel times, and other traffic performance measures will continue to degrade as growth increases in the surrounding area.

The SR 65 Widening Project is an important link in Placer County that will relieve congestion, improve operations, and enhance safety to this segment of the freeway.

Project Study Report – Project Development Support (Caltrans)

Project Highlight Page

PCTPA Board Presentation (Auburn, CA) – May 14, 2014

Community Workshop #1 Presentation (Lincoln, CA) – July 24, 2014

Community Workshop #1 Summary (Lincoln, CA) – July 24, 2014


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