ALUCP Update Notice

PCTPA mailed notices to the more than 11,000 property owners in the Lincoln, Auburn, and Blue Canyon Airport Influence Areas. Of those 11,000, about 400 properties are in areas where the compatibility zones will change with this update to the ALUCP. The Airport Influence Area, which is defined by the proposed ALUCP, is based on the current and future airport-related noise, overflight, safety, or airspace protection factors. The Airport Influence Area establishes restrictions on future land uses that may be impacted by airport operations or include land use features that can adversely affect airport operations. The ALUC has no jurisdiction over existing land uses, regardless of whether such uses are incompatible with airport operations.

If you received one of these notices, use the links below to determine where your property is in the proposed compatibility zones and whether restrictions on use will change.

More Information for Auburn Property Owners

More Information for Lincoln Property Owners