Information for Lincoln Property Owners

Determine if Your Property is Affected

The Placer County Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) is updating the Lincoln Regional Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) and is seeking comments on the draft ALUCP Update. If you received a notice in the mail, your property is within the Airport Influence Area. The preparation of an ALUCP for a public-use airport is required by the California State Aeronautics Act (Public Utilities Code Section 21670 et seq.). The purpose of an ALUCP is to promote compatibility between an airport and the land uses in its vicinity to the extent that these areas have not already been devoted to incompatible uses. The Airport Influence Area, which is defined by the proposed ALUCP, is based on the current and future airport-related noise, overflight, safety, or airspace protection factors. The Airport Influence Area establishes restrictions on future land uses that may be impacted by airport operations or include land use features that can adversely affect airport operations. The ALUC has no jurisdiction over existing land uses, regardless of whether such uses are incompatible with airport operations.

  1. Using the map the left, zoom in to see if your property is even partially within one of the colored zones. If it is within one of the zones, continue with these steps. If not, skip to the “Cases” section below; your property is Case 1.
  2. If your property is within one of the zones, click the frame icon in the top right corner of the map to “View larger map“. This will open the Compatibility Zone map in another tab.
  3. Zoom in so you can clearly see your property on the map. Using the check box menu on the right, toggle on and off the Existing Zones and Draft Zones to see if your property will change zones. The zones are color coded and labeled with letters and numbers (B1, C2 etc.).
  4. If your property is within the same zone for both the Draft and Existing zones (this is most common), skip to the “Cases” section below. Your property is Case 2.
  5. If your property changes zones between the Draft and Existing zones, use the map to determine which draft zone your property is in. If your property changes to Zone A you are Case 3.

Cases for Nearby Properties

Case 1

Your property is not within one of the compatibility zones and is therefore out of the Lincoln Airport Influence Area. Please note, if you received a letter in the mail from PCTPA, your property is in the Lincoln Influence Area so take another look at the above map to determine which zone you are in. PCTPA welcomes comments or questions from all residents. Comments can be submitted using the form below or by attending the Public Workshop (registration info below).

Case 2

Although your property is located within the proposed Lincoln Regional Airport Influence Area, the limits on residential densities (dwelling units per acre) and nonresidential intensities (people per acre) remain as adopted by the ALUC in 2014. New policies include restrictions on proposed land uses or land use features that could attract potentially hazardous wildlife to the Airport Influence Area and interfere with aircraft during takeoff, in flight, or landing at the Lincoln Regional Airport. Comments and questions can be submitted using the form below or by attending the Public Workshop (registration below).

Case 3

Your property is located within the proposed Compatibility Zone A. The draft ALUCP prohibits new dwellings and new structures intended to be regularly occupied in Compatibility Zone A. However, new structures can be located elsewhere on the property outside of Zone A, subject to the compatibility criteria of the draft ALUCP. Comments and questions can be submitted using the form below or by attending the Public Workshop (registration below).

Submit Your Questions and Comments

Question and Comment Form

Virtual Public Workshop

The ALUC will be holding a live virtual public workshop on July 15 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm to describe the draft ALUCP for Lincoln Regional Airport. Use the button below to register for the workshop, a link to the zoom meeting will be emailed to you after registration.