Overall Work Program & Budget

The Overall Work Program (OWP) documents the management, budgetary, and monitoring activities performed annually by the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA).   It is developed annually for Caltrans review and for approval by the PCTPA Board of Directors.  The OWP is the result of input from jurisdiction management, public works and planning officials, air district management, tribal governments, elected officials, and the general public.  This document also provides an application format for Caltrans-administered funding programs, such as FHWA Partnership Planning funds and FTA Transit Planning grants.

Overall Work Program and Budget FY 2020/21 Amendment #1 (Adopted October 28, 2020)

Overall Work Program and Budget FY 2019/20 (Amended October 23, 2019)

Overall Work Program and Budget FY 2018/19  (Amended March 27, 2019)