Agenda – February 23, 2011

Placer County Board of Supervisors Chambers
175 Fulweiler Avenue
Auburn, CA 95603

9:00 AM

A. Flag Salute
B. Roll Call
C. Approval of Minutes: January 26, 2011 Action
Pg. 1
D. Agenda Review
E. Public Comment
F. Consent Calendar Action
These items are expected to be routine and non controversial. They will be acted upon by the Board at one time without discussion. Any Board member, staff member, or interested citizen may request an item be removed from the consent calendar for discussion. Pg. 5
1. FY F FY 2011/12 Local Transportation Fund (LTF) Preliminary Apportionment Pg. 7
2. FY 2011/12 State Transit Assistance (STA) Preliminary Fund Allocation Pg. 9
3. FY 2010/11 Public Transit Modernization Improvement Service Efficiency Account (PTMISEA) Final Fund Allocation Pg. 10
4. TDA Financial Audits
5. FY 2010/11 City of Colfax Claims for Local Transportation Funds (LTF) – $76,898 Pg. 12
6. FY 2010/11 City of Colfax Claim for State Transit Assistance (STA) Funds – $8,247 Pg. 17
7. FY 2010/11 City of Rocklin Claims for Local Transportation Funds (LTF) – $2,166,854 Pg. 22
8. FY 2010/11 City of Rocklin Claim for State Transit Assistance (STA) Funds – $231,799 Pg. 27
G. Unmet Transit Needs Findings For FY 2011/12 Action
Pg. 32

H. Public Transit Operator Fare Revenue Ratios

Pg. 36
I. Preliminary FY 2011/12 Overall Work Program (OWP) and Budget Action
Pg. 41
J. Executive Director’s Report
1. I-80/SR 65 Interchange Kickoff
2. Update on State Budget Impacts on Transportation
3. Potential Cancellation of March Board Meeting
K. Board Direction to Staff
L. Informational Items Info
1. Revenues and Expenditures for December (under separate cover)
2. PCTPA and Western Placer CTSA Quarterly Financial Statements (under separate cover)
3. TAC Minutes Pg. 43
4. Status Reports
a. PCTPA Pg. 46
b. Randle Communications Pg. 48
c. Federal Advocates, Inc. Pg. 50
5. Correspondence from Gunnar Henrioulle dated February 2, 2011 Pg. 52
6. Newspaper Article Pg. 53