Project Review and Fee Schedule

All projects proposed within the Auburn Municipal, Blue Canyon, and Lincoln Regional Airport Influence Areas shall be subject to an ALUC fee. At such time that the cities of Auburn and Lincoln and Placer County General Plans are determined to be consistent with the ALUCP, the fee will only apply to mandatory projects.

Prior to approving the types of actions that require mandatory review, the cities of Auburn and Lincoln and Placer County must refer the action to the ALUC for a determination of consistency. As allowed by State law (Public Utilities Code Section 21671.5(f)), the Commission approved the following Fee Schedule (January 22, 2014) for the purpose of defraying costs associated with project reviews. The applicable fee must be submitted with the application to initiate a consistency determination.

Project Category Fee1 Supplemental

Minor Projects

Minor Projects are considered to encompass those types of land use actions not defined as a Major or Mandatory Project and involves a discretionary entitlement.

$250 Not Applicable 14 days

Major Projects

Major Projects are related to proposed land uses for which compatibility with airport activity is a particular concern, but for which ALUC review is not always mandatory under State law. For a complete list of Major Projects refer to Policy 2.5.2 of the ALUCP. The cities of Auburn and Lincoln and Placer County must refer these projects.

$750 $2,500 14 days

Mandatory Projects

The ALUCP identifies actions that require mandatory review, pursuant to State law. Mandatory Projects include General Plan Amendments, Zoning Amendments, Specific Plans, Special District Facility Master Plans, Building Code changes and airport planning projects (i.e., Airport Master Plans). For a complete list of Mandatory Projects refer to Policy 2.4.1 of the ALUCP.

$1,250 $2,500 60 days

ALUC Appeals

Appeals to the ALUC consistency determination.

$100 Not Applicable Applicant must file within 10 days of Consistency Determination
ALUC Project Application form

ALUC Request for Appeal form

1 The fee is the minimum charge and is non-refundable.2 If it is determined that technical assistance is needed to complete the review, then the “Supplemental Deposit,” must be deposited to proceed. After the project review is completed, the project proponent will either receive an invoice for an additional amount due or a refund depending on the actual costs incurred.  At the time the cost of the review reaches 80 percent of the deposited amount, the project proponent will be notified that additional payment may be required upon completion of the review.3 Fees for Mandatory Project review of local member agency planning documents would be waived.

FAA’s 7460 Project Review

Proposing structures that could penetrate 14 CFR Part 77 surfaces must file Form 7460 with the FAA to determine if a 7460 review is required. If so, you must file Form 7460 with the FAA at least 45 days prior to project construction. FAA’s Notice Criteria Tool will assist you in applying the Part 77 Notice Criteria.

FAA’s Notice Criteria Tool located at:

The downloadable ALUC Plan Review Fact Sheet summarizes the process and associated fees.

Should you have any questions, please contact David Melko at 530.823.4090 or