Alternative 2: I-80 / SR 65 Interchange Improvements Project

The proposed I-80 / SR 65 Interchange Improvements Project design will add the capacity to eliminate existing and future traffic backups, including a system to eliminate weaving movements on the I-80 eastbound approach and still keep the interchange at Taylor Road open, while still getting more than 210,000 vehicles (and growing) through this area daily, while meeting all the state and federal requirements for interstate highways.  It’s a comprehensive design and will require several phases to fully implement.

The video below shows how the approved alternative, known as Alternative 2 (Collector-Distributor System Ramps), will operate when fully completed under future year 2040 peak traffic conditions.  The video begins at the Eureka Road/Atlantic Street interchange and travels along eastbound I-80 towards SR 65, then continues on northbound SR 65 to the Galleria Boulevard/Stanford Ranch Road interchange.

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