Executive Director Mike Luken’s Message

We appreciate the opportunity to keep you informed about important local transportation topics in the Placer region.

Executive Director Mike Luken

Here at PCTPA we continue to move full-steam ahead on our mission of planning, designing, and building a resilient transportation network in the Placer region. While these past four months have been a whirlwind for me, I am thrilled to be working in a sector and community I love. Placer County is my home. It’s where I work, it’s where I live, and it’s where I am raising my family. Having lived in Placer County for more than 25 years, I can look at our region’s roads and highways not only as a professional planner but also as a resident. When I get stuck in congestion on Highway 65, then I am late to take my wife to a Placer County restaurant for dinner, and when construction work detours impact my commute home, that’s 11 more minutes I’m not spending with my family.

I understand the frustrations that come with transportation upgrades firsthand. However, I also know the great benefits a strong network of streets, highways, and bridges can bring to our community. The projects PCTPA is working on will provide great benefits to our region; the Interstate 80 / Highway 65 Interchange Improvements Project and the Highway 65 Widening Project are huge economic drivers for the south Placer region. Clear and well-maintained roads attract businesses to our cities because they allow for efficient goods movement. What’s more, a business deciding to expand in Placer County versus a neighboring county might just determine whether my sons choose to make their future in the Placer region or move to another region. As we plan for the future of transportation in Placer, there is one big component missing, and that’s funding. Our transportation system needs funding to maintain the quality of life we all enjoy and have come to expect.

In my role as Executive Director, I will continue to prioritize securing funding for the projects we need to keep Placer moving. I am looking forward to the years to come and the work we will accomplish to create a safe and effective transportation system to get you and your loved ones where you want to go. It’s an honor to serve you.

Thank you for warmly welcoming me to the team.