Freeway Interchange Bottleneck Improvements

Rocklin Roundabout photo

Placer County is home to several inadequately designed freeway interchanges.  Outdated designs and increased traffic contribute to longer, more difficult trips throughout the region including Rocklin, Loomis, Colfax, and Lincoln. The Keep Placer Moving Transportation Investment Plan dedicates funding to improving these interchanges, which are expected to soon become major bottlenecks in our region.

For instance, an outdated design which features short turn pockets and on-ramps on the I-80 / Horseshoe Bar Road Interchange in Loomis create traffic and safety concerns during morning and evening commute times.  Meanwhile, along the Lincoln Bypass, the Highway 65 / Nelson Lane Intersection cannot accommodate the volume of traffic and needs to be upgraded to a full interchange.  Other key improvement areas include the I-80 / Rocklin Road Interchange in Rocklin and the I-80 / Highway 174 Interchange in Colfax.

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