Meeting Placer County’s Transportation Challenge: Veronica Blake

How does road and highway traffic impact you?  See what Veronica Blake, CEO of the Placer Community Foundation, has to say about Placer County’s growing traffic problem and how it impacts businesses, emergency services, and you.

Veronica is a community leader who forms partnerships between Placer County community organizations and local residents.  She also serves on Placer County’s Economic Development Board and knows small businesses need free-flowing traffic on local roads and highways to transport their products and get their employees to work safely. Nobody likes sitting in traffic.  That is why PCTPA is working to improve local roads and major highways for both residents and businesses through projects such as the I-80 / SR 65 Interchange Improvements Project and the SR 65 Widening Project.

Visit to learn more about PCTPA’s plan for the future of transportation in our region.