Mike’s Message: Spring 2021

Welcome to the spring edition of the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) newsletter. As we begin to shift back towards pre-pandemic lifestyles and travel habits, PCTPA appreciates the opportunity to keep you informed about local transportation topics within the Placer community.

PCTPA Executive Director, Mike Luken

Like you, I am so happy to be able to safely resume many normal activities like visiting with family and friends, dining out, and getting back to work. But, as expected with businesses opening back up, traffic has returned. That’s why we at PCTPA have stayed hard at work planning the improvements to our transportation network to support the growing traffic numbers on the roadways. A major piece of this work includes the continuing update to the County’s Travel Demand Model. This computerized traffic model not only determines or confirms the transportation improvements needed for Placer County, but also helps to determine the fair share paid by developers, and what funding must be sourced elsewhere to complete the needed improvements. We at PCTPA are focused on bringing you into the conversation.

Since April 8, PCTPA has hosted 9 virtual community workshops to get your feedback on transportation issues. As part of these 15 (total) workshops, community members have also been learning more about the transportation projects being planned in Placer, as well as the overall funding strategy for those projects. I have really enjoyed hearing directly from community members at the workshops about your transportation concerns, priorities, and questions, and look forward to learning more at the upcoming events. Meetings are ongoing throughout May, and you can register online at www.keeppplacermoving.com/register Remember that while certain topics of discussion for each workshop are focused on a specific area of Placer, community members are welcomed at any of the workshops, which are open and applicable to all Placer residents. I look forward to seeing you there!

As life begins to return to normal and the days get longer and warmer, I am excited to join with you as we get out in our communities, whether it be for recreational activities or to support those local businesses which have gone through tough times in 2020. Throughout this time of emergence, we at PCTPA will remain committed to providing a transportation network that gives you lots of travel options, including trails, walkways, and roadways, to get you where you want to go this spring.

– Mike Luken, Executive Director of PCTPA