Placer bike program promotes healthy commute

If driving to work each day isn’t as exciting as it used to be for you, a county-wide bicycle buying program may hold the alternative you’ve been looking for.

The Bucks for Bikes program focuses on getting daily drivers out of their cars and onto the seat of a bicycle seat with the help of some cold, hard cash.

For more than a decade the publicly funded effort has offered an incentive to anyone who would rather travel by bike than by car and offers as much as $200 toward the cost of a new bike.

Scott Aaron, associate planner with the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency, heads up the program and said its popularity has continued to grow throughout the years.

A successful application involves getting a quote from a Placer County-based bike shop, which Aaron said helps to promote local businesses.

Last year, PCPTA received 56 applications and funded 28 of them, eliminating approximately 1,060 vehicle miles traveled.

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