Placer’s Transportation Funding Needs

Did you know?  Over the next 30 years, Placer County needs to invest at least $3.5 billion in transportation projects to Keep Placer Moving.  Currently, we are only set to receive $1.4 billion during the next 30 years for transportation.  This money comes from:

  • Revenue from the gas tax
  • State and federal funds
  • Maximized development fees – to ensure new developments pay their fair share for the cost of new roads and freeways

Even after using every penny of these funds on transportation improvements in our region, we would still need $1.6 billion to deal with Placer’s congested highways, potholes, and bridges in need of repair.  So how can we get the funds to fix these problems?

PCTPA has put together the Keep Placer Moving Transportation Investment Plan, a plan that addresses each of our region’s biggest transportation problems.  The plan is tied to a half-percent sales tax which would provide the $1.6 billion needed over the next 30 years to close the funding gap.  What’s more, having a local source of funding would also make us more competitive when applying for additional funds from the federal and state government.

The investment plan would fund projects such as the I-80 / SR 65 Interchange Improvement Project and State Route 65 Widening Project, which would relieve traffic congestion and improve safety on our major highways.  The plan also dedicates funding to fixing potholes on our local streets, extending the Capitol Corridor rail line, expanding biking and walking trails throughout Placer County, and numerous other critical transportation needs.

Learn more about how we can keep Placer moving and keep you out of traffic for years to come at