Project Update | Highway 49 Gap Closure

PCTPA connects the pieces with the Hwy 49 Sidewalk Gap Closure Project.

                     Current conditions on Highway 49

The project will close the gaps of approximately 4.2 miles of missing sidewalk on Highway 49 between Interstate 80 and Dry Creek Road.

This project is just one of many pieces to transform Highway 49 by constructing sidewalks and bike lanes. Earlier this year Placer County’s constructed approximately one-half mile of sidewalks between New Airport Road to just north of Willow Creek Drive.

Last year the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) was scheduled to repave sections of Highway 49 within the Placer region. During the planning process, Caltrans was able to obtain additional funding to “complete” the street by adding bike lanes in both directions and add sidewalks in certain segments, creating what’s known today as the “Highway 49 Rehabilitation Project.”

While the additional money will fund most of the improvements, it will not complete the entire sidewalk network.

   Potential improvements to Highway 49 sidewalks

The first step in closing the gaps in the sidewalks along Highway 49 was to get buy in from Caltrans, Placer County, and the City of Auburn for PCTPA to take the lead on the project. From there, PCTPA secured funding to complete the environmental and design work necessary and has assembled a team of engineers to determine where and how to construct the remaining sidewalks.

“Highway 49 is a vital connection to the Auburn and foothills communities. The Sidewalk Gap Closure project will direct investments into the corridor for residents who depend on Highway 49 for daily trips to the store or school,” says Mike Luken, Executive Director at PCTPA. “These improvements will make it safer and more efficient for everyone who uses Highway 49.”

Highway 49 Rehabilitation Project Community Meeting in June 2017

The sidewalk gap closure project development is scheduled to complete the environmental clearance and preliminary designs early 2019 and then transition into the final design plans that will be completed later that year. Currently there is no funding to construct the project.

To fund the construction phase of this estimated $11 – $14 million project, PCTPA is applying for an Active Transportation Program grant. Should PCTPA be successful in obtaining this grant, the project has an earliest anticipated start date of 2020.

As the project progresses, PCTPA will continue to keep the community informed and updated on the project status.

PCTPA’s goal is to bring this project to the “shovel ready” stage so when funding becomes available, we can start construction immediately.