Transportation in Placer County – Jim Williams

How has Placer County faced challenges in transportation growth over the past twenty years?  Jim Williams, architect and former Placer County Supervisor, shares his knowledge about the changes in our region’s transportation demand.

As a former PCTPA Boardmember, Jim understands Placer County’s transportation needs are changing with a growing population.  PCTPA is working on important transportation projects such as the I-80 / SR 65 Interchange Improvements Project and State Route 65 Widening Project to improve life for Placer County residents and businesses, but additional infrastructure projects are needed to keep up with the region’s changing transportation demands.  While serving as Placer County Supervisor, Jim belonged to numerous commissions and committees critical to maintaining our region’s quality of life and healthy economy.  PCTPA’s continued efforts will ensure that Placer County’s transportation network will continue to support our high quality of life and vibrant economy for the next twenty years and beyond.

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