Transportation Infrastructure Improvements: The Lifeline of Our Economy

First and foremost, we at PCTPA want to acknowledge the resilience of our residents and businesses in Placer County. The ongoing stay-at-home orders have not been easy for our community and have put many of us in a vulnerable position. Despite businesses shuttering their doors and residents confined to their homes, or in some cases, facing the loss of their livelihoods, our community has risen to the occasion to help our neighbors during this unprecedented time.

Hear from Sherri Conway, Placer County’s Economic Development Director, about the importance of transportation funding for our economy.

Our residents are on the frontlines as essential workers keeping our community going at health care centers or grocery stores, volunteering to distribute food to those who cannot leave their homes, sewing masks for our essential workers, and simply doing their part by staying home and social distancing. Others are contributing their time by checking-in regularly with their loved ones to be sure they are healthy and safe.; Placer County is staying strong together during the COVID-19 crisis. A sincere and big thank you to all of our volunteers and essential workers for helping to calm the chaos of this situation through your continued dedication and hard work.

A majority of the essential businesses continuing to operate amid this crisis are also our major employers, harnessing the more than 210,000 commuters that utilize our transportation system daily. As home to more than 380,000 residents, Placer County roads and thoroughfares serve as the vital network to get residents, visitors, first responders, and goods carriers to and from their destinations. During the COVID-19 pandemic especially, this transportation system has been and continues to be a lifeline that quickly and efficiently gets our healthcare workers and other essential employees supplies to and from the places they are needed most.

In 2019, Caltrans estimated that Interstate 80 carried more than $4.7 million per hour in goods through our County alone. These commodities provide the foundation of Placer County’s economy. Our County’s economic success is propelled by the efficiency at which these goods and services can be readily available for those that need them.

As our stay-at-home orders are lifted, residents and visitors alike will again enjoy the abundant number of amenities Placer County has to offer, including the Roseville Galleria, destinations like Sun Splash or Quarry Park, or the world-renowned natural beauty of Auburn and Lake Tahoe. With a strong transportation system, more visitors can enjoy and experience Placer County’s destinations, while residents will benefit from faster commutes and more time to enjoy their community.

In spite of COVID-19, our community is working through this financial hardship together. We are relying on residents and visitors to continue to enjoy the amenities we offer and support our local businesses. Once we push through COVID-19 as a community, the transportation infrastructure improvements that our County’s local leaders have completed will entice more businesses to relocate here and allow our current businesses to expand. This new development and growth will not only benefit our economy, but also create more jobs.

Placer County stands at the threshold of new opportunities and economic growth and as transportation infrastructure improvements are made and more people experience what we have to offer, the ability to easily traverse our County will become more important than ever.

Download the May 2020 Newsletter Article on Economic Development here.