Another View: Transportation sales tax targeted for November ballot

The Placer County League of Women Voters penned an article in the Auburn Journal discussing a countywide 1/2 cent transportation sales tax measure contemplated for the November 2016 ballot. Below are a few technical corrections to the article:

  • Statement: “This means the current average drive time of 9 minutes a day will increase to 35 minutes when driving the same distance”. Clarification: The increase in drive time is measured between I-80 at Riverside Avenue and SR 65 at Blue Oaks Boulevard. 
  • Correction: “The $32.4 $324 million Highway 65 Lincoln Bypass”.
  • Correction: “A new project included in the plan is Placer Parkway, estimated at $60 $595 million”.
  • Correction: “Seventeen Twenty (20) counties in our state have a sales tax dedicated to transportation”.
  • Correction: “Make your voice heard by reviewing and commenting on Keep Placer Moving at”

The April 28, 2016 article is available on the Auburn Journal website at