I-80 Capacity and Operational Improvements


I-80 TrafficThe Interstate 80 (I-80) Capacity and Operational Improvements project has widened the freeway from the Placer/Sacramento County line (approximately Riverside Ave/Auburn Blvd) all the way to Highway 65. The existing carpool lanes in Sacramento County were extended to Highway 65 in both eastbound and westbound directions, and auxiliary lanes were added between the interchanges to allow a smoother entrance and exit from the freeway.


Caltrans – I-80 is a state highway and more than 50 percent of the funding will come from state and federal funds. As a result, Caltrans took the lead on the design and construction of the project.

PCTPA – As the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for Placer County, the PCTPA Board determines and manages Placer’s priorities for the regional transportation system. The Agency was the lead for amassing and administering funding for this project.

City of Roseville – The City has been an important advocate for the project and helped secure federal funding. The City is also working to make sure local growth plans are compatible with these improvements.

Placer County – The County has been a staunch advocate for the project and helped secure federal funding.

Former Congressman John Doolittle – Former Congressman Doolittle led a coalition of advocates to secure $71.6 million for the I-80 widening project in a Federal transportation bill that was passed in Washington D.C. in 2005.


The entire project cost was estimated at $89.3 million. At one time, the cost estimate for the project was as high as $210 million, but with innovative approaches and a more competitive bidding environment, the estimate was reduced considerably. All phases of the project were fully funded through a combination of Federal earmarks, State transportation infrastructure bond funding, and local development fees. Savings from low bids on Phase 2 has allowed full funding of Phase 3.

Final environmental document: Completed in 2004.

Construction: Completed 2011

  • Phase 1: Extended eastbound on-ramp from Riverside Ave/Auburn Blvd to become an auxiliary lane through to the Douglas Blvd interchange. This phase also included purchase of all right of way needed for the full project.
  • Phase 2: Eastbound and westbound carpool and auxiliary lanes from the Sacramento/Placer County line to just west of Miners Ravine (between the Lead Hill Blvd overcrossing and Eureka Road) were contructed along with westbound improvements at the Auburn/Riverside Blvd, Douglas Blvd, and Atlantic/Eureka Road interchanges.
  • Phase 3: Added auxiliary lanes and carpool lanes on both eastbound and westbound sides from just west of Miners Ravine to just east of SR 65, approximately 2.2 miles in length.