Fiscal/Administrative Officer Recruitment

About the Position

PCTPA is seeking an experienced professional as its Fiscal/Administrative Officer to run the accounting and administrative functions of a regional transportation planning agency. Working in a small governmental agency, flexibility is critical. Our Fiscal/Administrative Officer is our accountant,  bookkeeper, records administrator, budget analyst, and investment manager. The successful candidate will be a self-starter with experience in accounting procedures and office management, with a quick mind and positive attitude. The successful candidate may have the opportunity to work with our current Fiscal/Administrative Officer for a period of time before her retirement.

PCTPA is a small agency with a big agenda, and we’re looking for someone up to the challenge. The ideal candidate is a seasoned professional whose expertise inspires confidence with the broad skill set needed to make things happen. PCTPA expects to hire a candidate with top-notch organizational skills with a commitment to collaboration, who has demonstrated the ability to find ways through administrative and technical obstacles to get the job done.

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Contact Information

Mike Luken, Executive Director 530-823-4035

Applications Due June 21 at 4pm to