2040 Regional Transportation Plan

The Future of Transportation in Placer County

PCTPA is currently in the process of updating Placer County's Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). This important document projects population and housing growth, estimates revenue, and outlines transportation investment priorities for the next 20 years. Because transportation plays a key role in promoting economic development and protecting quality of life, PCTPA is working with residents, elected officials, and stakeholders from across Placer County during this update to the RTP.

For more information on the RTP update process, check out this RTP factsheet and this presentation on the update process from PCTPA's November 2018 Board of Directors meeting.

Preparing for Future Growth

Placer County is one of the most popular regions in the Sacramento area. An additional 70,000 homes and 30,000 jobs are anticipated by 2040.

A Fiscally Constrained Plan

The RTP must be financially constrained to anticipate future funding. Inclusion of projects into the plan provide eligibility to receive future funding when it materializes.

Your Input Matters

With limited Federal, State, and local funding  we want to understand your priorities to help us make informed when funding becomes available.

Placer's Transportation Leaders

As the regional transportation planning agency for Placer County, PCTPA updates and maintains the RTP.  PCTPA is managed by one councilmember from each city and town, two Placer County Supervisors, and a citizen representative.

Help Us Shape the Future of Placer County

What Are Your Priorities?

PCTPA hosted a series of three on-line surveys to solicit community input on transportation priorities in Placer County. This surveys asked questions about community values, defining local transportation priorities, budgeting projected funding, and evaluating potential projects. Click the button below to review the input received!

Stay In The Loop

To keep the Placer County community engaged, PCTPA will send out periodic emails about online workshops, public hearings, and other major milestones in the RTP update process. These emails are the best way to stay up-to-date with this important regional planning effort. Click the button below to sign up for the RTP Update email list.

RTP Update Process

Review the Draft Plan

The Final Regional Transportation Plan was released on November 21, 2019 after a 45-day comment period that began August 28, 2019 and ended October 14, 2019. Comments received on the Draft EIR were reviewed and incorporated into the final plan a necessary. The Final RTP and EIR will be presented to the PCTPA Board of Directors on December 4, 2019 for action. Below are links to the full and complete documents.
  • Final 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (Full Document) [PDF]
  • Final 2040 Regional Transportation Plan Executive Summary [PDF]
  • Final 2040 Regional Transportation Plan Appendices (Full Document) [PDF]
  • Final Environmental Impact Report for the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (Full Document) [PDF]
  • CEQA Findings for the 2040 Placer County Regional Transportation Plan (Full Document) [PDF]
Individual chapters for each document are available through this link. The  Draft RTP and EIR was presented to the PCTPA Board of Directors on September 25, 2019.

Have Questions

Contact Aaron Hoyt, Senior Planner at. 530-823-4032.