SPRTA Projects

The following projects have been or are currently being funded with SPRTA fees:

Project Estimated Total Cost SPRTA Funding
Placer Parkway $660M $10M
Sierra College Boulevard Widening $45.44M $45.44M
Lincoln Bypass $324M $30M
I-80 / Douglas Boulevard Interchange $40M $5.11M
SR65 Widening $115M $67M
I-80 / Rocklin Road Interchange $30M $10M
Auburn-Folsom Road Widening $23M $8M
I-80/SR 65 Interchange $450M $5M
Douglas Blvd WB I-80 Ramp $0.74M $0.74M
Atlantic Street WB I-80 Ramp $4.54M $4.54M
Transit Projects* $7M $7M
Administration Costs $3M $3M
Total $1,702.72M $195.83M

*Transit projects include: HOV lane widening on I-80 through Roseville (“the Bottleneck”) matching funds and Park and Ride lot