Western Placer Consolidated Transportation Services Agency

The Western Placer Consolidated Transportation Service Agency (WPCTSA) is a joint powers agency (JPA) with the power to provide and coordinate social service transportation for the western portion of Placer County, including services for the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Under the terms of the JPA, PCTPA was designated as the administrator of the WPCTSA.

WPCTSA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Board of Directors of the PCTPA , the members which were appointed pursuant to Government Code section 67911. The Board meets monthly or as needed.

WPCTSA services went into effect in January 2009 and the programs are intended to provide transportation services for Placer County residents who are not able to use conventional public transit services operating within western Placer County.  Each program responds to a unique transportation need not otherwise currently met or met well within a prescribed service area.

Funding for CTSA services comes from the Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 4.5 apportionment, which is typically approved by the PCTPA Board of Directors in August.

CTSA Transportation Services

The Western Placer CTSA designated the City of Roseville as the lead agency to establish and operate the regional Transit Ambassador Program. The program educates new passengers in becoming familiar with western Placer County transit services and provide assistance to passengers at transit transfer points.

The Western Placer CTSA currently collaborates with Seniors First, Inc., a local not-profit organization, to provide two additional programs:

  1. Health Express Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (Fare Schedule or Calendario de Tarifas)
    Seniors First provides non-emergency medical transportation services, known as “Health Express”
  2. My Rides Program
    The My Rides Program maintains the former Door-to-Door Rides program that has provided volunteer transportation service for more than 40 years to eligible Placer County residents unable to use conventional public transit systems. The My Rides Program expands the service area countywide to include a mileage reimbursement program for individuals and First 5 families with children, prenatal through five years old, who are unable to use conventional public transit services to and from medical-related appointments, public services, and essential needs destinations. The My Rides Program also provides a voucher for individuals who cannot otherwise afford the costs associated with an occasional and necessary trip to medical related appointments.

The Western Placer CTSA also purchases retired (surplus) dial-a-ride vehicles from Placer transit operators and sell these vehicles to local social service non-profit organizations for a nominal amount for use to transport elderly and/or disabled clients. The Guidelines specify eligibility requirements and application criteria for interested non-profit organizations, and selection criteria to be used by the CTSA. Under the program the non-profit organization will be required to fund the vehicle’s annual operating and maintenance costs, and fulfill other program obligations as noted in the Guidelines.