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Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) is the forum for making decisions about the regional transportation system in Placer County. The decisions made are reflected in PCTPA’s planning and programming of the area’s state and federal transportation funds. In developing and adopting plans and strategies, we not only make the best use of these funds, but also fulfill the requirements of our state designation as the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for Placer County.  Read More »

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  • Mike’s Message: Spring 2020 Update

    Welcome to the spring edition of the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA)newsletter. During these unprecedented times, we appreciate the opportunity to keep you informed about local transportation topics within our community. That being said, this certainly has been an unusual Spring! I’d like to start by saying how much my team and I appreciate all of those who have been serving on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. We can’t begin to expressRead More »
  • Transportation Infrastructure Improvements: The Lifeline of Our Economy

    First and foremost, we at PCTPA want to acknowledge the resilience of our residents and businesses in Placer County. The ongoing stay-at-home orders have not been easy for our community and have put many of us in a vulnerable position. Despite businesses shuttering their doors and residents confined to their homes, or in some cases, facing the loss of their livelihoods, our community has risen to the occasion to help our neighbors during this unprecedentedRead More »
  • It’s All About the Dollars

    It’s All About the Dollars When it comes to traffic relief to keep people safe and the economy moving, it takes money to attract money. We’ve always known how important it is for our first responders to get to us when we need help, and then get us to the hospital, as quickly and safely as humanly possible. COVID-19 has underlined that need in ways none of us ever expected. The more congested our roadsRead More »
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My Rides Program
Helping seniors, families, and rural areas stay connected with transportation services.
Alternative Transportation

PCTPA provides incentives and information to commuters who use alternative transportation.

Public Transit Services
Public transit and Dial-a-Ride service information for Placer County operators.
Rail Services
PCTPA is a member of the Capitol Corridor JPA and works on rail planning efforts.
Airport Land Use

The ALUC reviews compatibility between airports and future land use projects within their vicinity.

Freeway Service Patrol

FSP operators make quick repairs to disabled vehicles, or tow them to a safe zone nearby.

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