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Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) is the forum for making decisions about the regional transportation system in Placer County. The decisions made are reflected in PCTPA’s planning and programming of the area’s state and federal transportation funds. In developing and adopting plans and strategies, we not only make the best use of these funds, but also fulfill the requirements of our state designation as the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for Placer County.  Read More »

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  • Capitol Corridor Alert: Train 729 Temporary Service Change

    Capitol Corridor Alert: Train 729 Temporary Service Change

    Capitol Corridor Alert! This Saturday and Sunday, February 4th and 5th, Capitol Corridor Train 729 between Auburn and San Jose will not be able to stop and provide service at the Roseville Station train platform due to track maintenance work. Click here to learn how passengers can be transported from Roseville to Sacramento to connect to the train on time. Train 729 will operate on its regularly scheduled service to all other stations along the route, including Auburn and Rocklin. Roseville is the only station that will be affected by the track maintenance work.Read More »
  • Results of Measure M

    Results of Measure M

    The decision to place Measure M on the ballot was not taken lightly. But even as we have maxed out the usual sources of transportation funding, like the gas tax and developer impact fees, it’s only a fraction of what we need to fix our highest priorities, like filling potholes and reducing congestion in the I-80 and SR 65 corridors. It truly was desperation to generate the funds that we need for our local transportation priorities to support our economy and our quality of life.Read More »
  • Freeway Service Patrol

    Freeway Service Patrol

    Did you know? Minor car accidents cause almost half of all freeway congestion during peak commute hours. PCTPA, the California Highway Patrol, and Caltrans provide a Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) program that helps reduce traffic congestion by patrolling our local freeways and looking for disabled vehicles and minor accidents. The FSP can tow vehicles to nearby CHP designated safe zones and make quick repairs such as providing a gallon of fuel, changing a flat tire, or jump starting your car. The FSP’s service not only helps reduce traffic when it is the worst, but also makes our freeways safer. Learn …Read More »
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My Rides Program

Helping seniors, families, and rural areas stay connected with transportation services.

Alternative Transportation

PCTPA provides incentives and information to commuters who use alternative transportation.

Public Transit Services

Public transit and Dial-a-Ride service information for Placer County operators.

Rail Services

PCTPA is a member of the Capitol Corridor JPA and works on rail planning efforts.

Airport Land Use

The ALUC reviews compatibility between airports and future land use projects within their vicinity.

Freeway Service Patrol

FSP operators make quick repairs to disabled vehicles, or tow them to a safe zone nearby.

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