Transit Planning

As the Regional Transportation Planning Agency for Placer County, PCTPA administers Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds and related programs, which help to operate local public transit services among other things.  Under the TDA, PCTPA is also responsible for carrying out the annual Unmet Transit Needs process, fiscal audits, performance audits, transit planning, and transit coordination.

PCTPA also assists public transit operators in updating their short-range transit plans every three to four years to reflect changes in population, to respond to gaps in the transportation system, to evaluate their existing services, and to analyze possible new ways to provide service that may be more cost effective.   Less frequently, a longer range transit planning effort takes place through the Transit Master Plan process, last completed in 2007.

PCTPA also facilitates the Transit Operator’s Working Group (TOWG), in an effort to coordinate the various public transit services in Placer County.  This forum is used to organize many of the efforts mentioned above, but is also used to create and manage such efforts as the Transit Ambassador Program, the coordinated transit marketing component of the Congestion Management Program, and the South Placer Transportation Call Center.

For information about transit services in Placer County and links to transit service providers, see Public Transit Information.

Below is a list of the most current transit planning documents available through PCTPA:

Placer County Rural Transit Study (May 25, 2016) [Executive Summary] [Report] [Appendices] [March 23, 2016 Presentation]

Rocklin Community Transit Plan (February 25, 2015): [Executive Summary] [Report] [Appendices] [Addendum #1]

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Implementation Study for South Placer County (September 2006)

Conceptual Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Plan for South Placer County (April 2005)

Auburn Transit Short Range Transit Plan (2011)

Lincoln Transit Short Range Transit Plan (2009)

Placer County Transit Short Range Transit Plan (2011)

Roseville Transit Short Range Transit Plan (2011)

System Plan Update for Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transit (April 2016)

Western Placer CTSA Short Range Transit Plan (2011)

South Placer County Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Service Plan (November 2008)

South Placer County Regional Dial-A-Ride Study (August 2007)

Transit Master Plan for South Placer County (June 2007)