Transit Planning

Short Range Transit Plans (SRTP)

A short range transit plan update is currently being conducted for each of the transit operators in Western Placer County so as to improve public transit in the region. The SRTP will look at countywide demographics, analyze demand for transit services, and present a series of goals, objectives and performance standards for future transit needs in Placer County.

PCTPA assists public transit operators in updating their short-range transit plans every seven years to reflect changes in population, to respond to gaps in the transportation system, to evaluate their existing services, and to analyze possible new ways to provide service that may be more cost effective.   Less frequently, a longer range transit planning effort takes place through the Transit Master Plan process, last completed in 2007.

The short range transit plan updates for each of the transit operators in Auburn, Placer County, City of Roseville, and the WPCTSA is currently underway and will continue the end of August 2018. As part of the Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) development process, the planning consultant, LSC Transportation, Inc., prepared interim memorandums summarizing work performed. Interim memorandums completed to date include:

Past SRTPs and transit studies are listed at the bottom of this webpage.

Join PCTPA at a public hearing on Wednesday, June 27 at 9:00 a.m. in the Placer County Board of Supervisors Chambers located at 175 Fulweiler Avenue in Auburn. Visit the Short Range Transit Plan page to view the meeting flyer and leave feedback on the draft reports.

Watch prior presentations given to the PCTPA Board of Directors at their May 23, 2018 and April 11, 2018 meetings, view the  recorded presentations on our YouTube channel, and leave a comment by visiting

As the Regional Transportation Planning Agency for Placer County, PCTPA administers Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds and related programs, which help to operate local public transit services among other things.  Under the TDA, PCTPA is also responsible for carrying out the annual Unmet Transit Needs process, fiscal audits, performance audits, transit planning, and transit coordination.

Unmet Transit Needs (UTN)

An unmet transit need is an expressed or identified need, which is not currently being met through the existing system of public transportation. Each year, the PCTPA works with local transit providers and the public to identify these needs, determine which needs are reasonable to meet, and ensure the funds are expended appropriately.

Visit our Unmet Transit Needs page to read more about the process.
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Transit Operators Working Group (TOWG)

PCTPA also facilitates the Transit Operator’s Working Group (TOWG), in an effort to coordinate the various public transit services in Placer County.  This forum is used to organize many of the efforts mentioned above, but is also used to create and manage such efforts as the Transit Ambassador Program, the coordinated transit marketing component of the Congestion Management Program, and the South Placer Transportation Call Center.

For information about transit services in Placer County and links to transit service providers, see Public Transit Information.