Bikeway Planning

Support of alternative transportation modes is one of the goals of PCTPA. PCTPA recognizes that bicycling is important for both transportation and recreational purposes and that it helps contribute to improved air quality, reduced traffic congestion, and a healthy lifestyle. PCTPA monitors bicycle planning efforts throughout the Placer region and also coordinates with SACOG, Caltrans, and jurisdictions on bicycle issues.

In 2010, PCTPA initiated an update to its county-wide bike map and will continue to make those maps available to the public. In 2001 and 2002, PCTPA developed Bikeway Master Plans for all jurisdictions in Placer County.

Bikeways Defined:

  • Class I Bike Path provides a completely separated facility designed for the exclusive use of bicycles and pedestrians with minimal crossflows by motorists.
  • Class II Bike Lane provides a restricted right-of-way designated for the exclusive or semi-exclusive use of bicycles with through travel by motor vehicles or pedestrians prohibited, but with vehicle parking and crossflows by pedestrians and motorists permitted.
  • Class III Bike Route provides a right-of-way designated by signs or permanent markings and shared with pedestrians and motorists.
  • Class IV Bikeways provide a physical separation from vehicular traffic. This separation may include grade separation, flexible posts, planters or other inflexible physical barriers, or on-street parking.

Local Area Bike Maps Online
2011 Placer County Bike Map
City of Roseville Bikeway Map
Sacramento Area Bike Maps
SacRegion511 Trip Planner

Local Bikeway Plans
City of Auburn Bikeway Master Plan
City of Colfax Bikeway Master Plan
City of Lincoln Bikeway Master Plan (2018)
Town of Loomis Bikeway Master Plan
City of Rocklin Parks and Trails Master Plan (2017)
City of Roseville Bikeway Master Plan

Placer County Regional Bikeway Plan (2018)
Dry Creek Greenway (Placer County)
Dry Creek  Greenway West Feasbility Study (2018)
Dry Creek Greenway East Feasibility Study (2018)
Linking Tahoe: Active Transportation Plan (2016)

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